The safety of our community has always been one of our core values at Sukha Arts Center. Now more than ever, we'll be making considerations and decisions with safety as our guiding principle. We've made a few upgrades... here's what you can expect:


Our new new filters scrub the air with PECO air-purification tech, which satisfies FDA performance criteria for use in helping to destroy the COVID-19 virus. This technology can destroy pollutants 1000 times smaller than traditional HEPA filter which is accomplished by a nano-coated filter that is excited by light, which in turns creates a photocatalytic reaction that breaks down pollutants at a molecular level.

Every staff member and instructor will have their temperature checked before their shift. When necessary, we’ll follow our elevated temperature protocol.

Adults must pre-register and pay through the mindbody app for yoga and aerial classes. Youth students must have a parent enroll or pre-register before the class start date. To do so you may use the mindbody app or email us at


Sukha Arts Center staff is strongly encouraged to wear masks.

Students will be recommended to wear face coverings.

Hand sanitizer will be made available at the entrance way upon entering Sukha and in all studios.

All Sukha Arts Center staff will be using hand sanitizer as they enter the building.

All students will be made aware of our hand sanitizing station and encouraged to use it as they enter.


Each studio is equipped with a fully stocked restroom. Staff and students will be encouraged to wash hands as needed and in between classes.


Staff members will be taking part in deep cleaning before and after each class, washing their hands in between. 

Every floor and surface in the studio will be sanitized daily using top grade disinfectant, known to kill viruses like Covid-19.

All touch points (ballet barres, door knobs, hand rails, phones, desk tops, light switches, bathrooms,iPads, educator equipment, keyboards, remotes, phones, etc.) will be sanitized between classes.

Bathrooms will be fully stocked with soap and disposable paper towels at all times.

In addition to our full time employee dedicated to maintenance and cleaning the entire Sukha staff will be adopting new cleaning protocols before, in between and after classes.


We will be asking that all students arrive and depart promptly to help each changeover be seamless!

We will ask that all parents drop off and pick up only, and do not wait inside of Sukha Arts Center. This will help us crowding and limiting our capacity!


All communal props will be removed until further notice. We encourage you to bring your own blocks, straps and mat!

We will have special spaces tapped off for your mat so you know that where you lay your mat down is the perfect distance to create your own little zen bubble!

Aerial hammocks will be washed after each class.

Pre-registration for all classes will be required. Since class sizes will be limited in some capacity this will be enforced to ensure you have a space in your favorite class!!

Label all water bottles to avoid accidentally grabbing a water bottle that isn't yours!!

Stay home if you aren't feeling good, rest up, get better and come back to class!

Wash your hands! The soap at Sukha smells fabulous (don't believe us? give it a try!)

Download the Mindbody App. This is how you can sign up for all yoga, aerial and pilates classes! Remember, pre-registration is required now!!

There will be more updates as we learn and find out more! Thank you for being the absolute best students and families in the world!




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