What should I wear/bring to my first class?


For attire, a few tips:


1. You'll want tight fitting stretchy pants that will cover the backs of your knees. Leggings or footless tights are great options.


2. You'll want a shirt that will cover your midriff without riding up, or that you can tuck in. Shirts with sleeves are also a great choice since the silks can sometimes rub on the underarms.

3. Don’t wear a belt, or any jewelry that could possibly catch on or tear the fabric. No dangly earrings, no spiky/sparkly rings etc. (You'll be asked to take the off). Take off your dangly pendant and tape over any spiky piercings or rings you can’t remove. 

4. Aerial is done with either barefeet or socks.

5. For Aerial Lyra, we suggest wearing legwarmers and bringing gloves if possible.


How strong do I need to be to begin training in aerial?


The quick answer–you don’t need any amount of upper body strength to begin training in aerial–that said, the stronger you are, the easier it will be for you to progress quickly. Most aerial instructors assume that new students coming in have never tried anything like aerial in their life, and are not used to lifting/pushing/pulling their own body weight.

I’m worried that I’ll be terrible at aerial.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you start aerial (and never forget them), and whenever you’re feeling frustrated.

1. Learning aerial is incredibly hard. A skilled aerialist will make everything they do look easy–that’s their job.

2. Aerial class is not a contest. Everyone has different strengths, and learns at a different pace. Some people are stronger, some people are bendier, some have the ability to see a trick once and do it. If you find you’re just not getting something in class and are getting frustrated, ask your instructor if you can move on and come back to it later.


3. The most important thing to get out of an aerial class is accomplishing your own goals. It doesn’t matter what those goals are: to just have fun, to get strong, to learn skills for a performance, whatever!

What else should I know?

1. Bring lots of water, and make sure to drink it in class.

2. Don't eat at least 1 hour prior to your class. Inversions can sometimes upset the stomach!


Please note: all Aerial classes are ADULT classes unless otherwise stated. We request that only those ages 18+ sign up for aerial classes. TWEEN/TEEN classes are indicated in class title and description.

"I was so nervous to try aerial yoga. I've only ever done yoga on a mat, but I wanted to try something new. Aerial yoga at Sukha has changed my life. It relaxes me, challenges me to do things I never thought I could do, and I find that I am not 100 percent without taking a class for the week. The instructors are so incredible they really work with each person in the class supporting them. I now can't imagine my week without going to an aerial class."

-Miriam E.



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