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January may be the official New Year of clean pages and resolutions, but doesn't the start of spring also inspire that amazing, fresh-start feeling of renewal?? There's something very special about finding new and rejuvenating dimensions of the familiar. Here at Sukha, we're celebrating the blossoming and blooming of our community in SOOOO many special ways. We're welcoming the birth of Wesley, our beloved teacher Marianne's first baby (Oh yeah, did we mention she is BACK from maternity leave and teaching her classes?! Go mama!!). Additionally, our yoga room has been freshened up so that it's extra open, clean, fresh, and airy--everyone who sits for a yoga class with us can stay clear and focused during their practice (hello, clean white walls!!). We tackled spring cleaning, decluttering in an effort to clear physical space while also clearing head space, for making room in ALL the spaces of our lives means there is room to plant new seeds for another season of beauty, warmth, creativity, and love. As always, we are grateful that you aren this journey with us, and we can't wait to blossom and bloom with you all April long!!

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