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love, love, love

We are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves: be more productive, eat better, spend more time with friends & family and less time on our screens. But while it's important to focus on self-care, it's equally important always to LOVE yourself - mind, body, & spirit - first and foremost. Unconditionally.

How does this look in practice?? Maybe it looks like you doing your best to think positively in stressful situations, but not beating yourself up if you don't always succeed. Maybe you celebrate small successes throughout the day by making a super-itemized to-do list and checking off even the smallest accomplishments (stopped to get gas? check! put away the groceries? check!). You may pick a psych-me-up theme song for yourself and play it in your mind to cheerlead you as you go throughout your day.

In our Sukha dance classes, it's a Valentine's Day tradition for our dancers to take a few minutes out of class to write on a heart what they LOVE most about themselves. It's a special chance for them to reflect and celebrate what makes them amazing, just the way they are. We love to display the hearts in our front window to remind everyone who comes by that love of your body, mind, and spirit might be the greatest love of all!

All that we do extends from the heart- our words, our thoughts, our actions and the energies we bring into the world. To us, practicing love means filling your heart with joy, with compassion, with peace, and grounding yourself in the very essence of love. Practicing love means pouring your heart into things that are meaningful and committing to loving fearlessly. Remember that even the smallest seeds can bloom into the brightest flowers- all it takes is love.

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